I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Dawes Centre For Future Crime at University College London (UCL), collaborating with Prof. Shane Johnson, Dr. Nilufer Tuptuk, and Dr. Enrico Mariconti.

I completed my PhD research at UCL in September 2023 in the field of Discourse Analysis and Data Science, under the guidance of Prof. Emiliano De Cristofaro and Dr. Enrico Mariconti. Prior to joining UCL in 2019, I served as a Research Fellow at Cyprus University of Technology (CUT).


As part of my Postdoctoral position at UCL, my research focuses on the identification and detection of emerging online fraudulent activity, and the development of AI-based solutions for early detection and mitigation of such malevolent activity. During my time as a PhD researcher, my academic research focused on the characterization and detection of extremist, conspiratory-focused, fringe communities in alternative and mainstream social networks. This work employed various quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods, statistical analysis, and Natural Language Processing and Discourse Analysis tools. Before that, as a Research Fellow at CUT, my research focused on device-centric authentication, federated identity management, cybersafety, and the detection and characterization of inappropriate content online, while actively contributing to EU-funded projects (ReCRED and ENCASE). In addition, I had the opportunity to spend 8 months (in total) as an intern at Telefonica I+D, Barcelona, Spain. During my bachelor studies I conducted research on unmanned surface vessels, robotics, and automation (PID controlled systems).